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Love the ocean and save our lives


In the hot summer, going to the beach to swim in the sun has become a common outdoor activity for many people. The vast sea accompanied by waves of sea breeze, swimming in the seaside play, and then look at the burning sun, what a funny summer feeling! But, have you noticed that there are fewer and fewer oceans in which we can swim freely, and that the water is getting turkier? Due to the pollution problem, the marine resources are becoming increasingly scarce.  If they are no longer paid attention to by human beings, we can hardly imagine what our oceans will be like in 5, 10 or 20 years! Have you paid attention to World Oceans Day this year? The United Nations in the 63rd session of the United Nations General Assembly on June 8 each year as the "World Oceans Day." In his speech, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pointed out that human activities are exacting a terrible price on the ocean world, and individuals and groups have an obligation to protect the Marine environment and manage Marine resources carefully.The 13th World Oceans Day was just celebrated on June 8. This year's theme is "protecting Marine biodiversity and harmonious coexistence between man and nature". As a firm partner of environmental protection, Quadranteco is here to discuss and pay attention to the topic of marine protection with you.


In the World Oceans Day this year, the United Nations secretary general, Antonio guterres, held the speech for this day and gave us a lot of warning, here to share with you this period of profound speech: The recently released the world ocean assessment confirmed that global ocean provide many benefits to human being is impaired because of our own actions. Our oceans are teeming with plastic waste, from the remotest atolls to the deepest trenches. Overfishing costs nearly $90 billion a year in lost net benefits and increases the vulnerability of women, who are critical to the survival of small-scale fishing enterprises. Carbon emissions are warming and acidifying the oceans, destroying biodiversity and causing sea levels to rise, which in turn threatens densely populated coastal areas. More than 3 billion people depend on the sea for their livelihood, the vast majority of them in developing countries.As we work to recover from coronavirus 2019, let's put an end to the destruction of nature.


Many people would ask, why is the ocean so important to humans when we don't live on it? Let's discuss this topic together. The sea is the cradle of life, she accounts for 97% of all water resources on the earth, is the source of human life.All life depends on the ocean for oxygen, climate regulation, food supply and medical raw materials, etc. Without the ocean, it is difficult for human beings to survive and develop! Take oxygen for example. The oceans provide at least 50 percent of the oxygen on Earth, and more than a billion people around the world consume most of their protein from the oceans. In addition to these, the economy related to the ocean is also crucial, with the marine industry expected to employ more than 40 million people by 2030.


The ocean is so important to us that it is natural that we should cherish it, protect it and make it sustainable. But what about the reality? We take resource from it and destroy it at the same time! The most common practice is to create marine debris and discharge wastewater. With 90 per cent of large fish stocks depleted and 50 per cent of coral reefs destroyed, we are taking far more from the oceans than they can replenish. A crisis occurs when demand for marine resources exceeds supply. In order to protect marine resources, we must immediately stop all destructive actions and establish a new balance. Through the promotion of World Oceans Day every year, we can promote the global citizen movement to protect the ocean. This movement should not only be active, but also be sustained.

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All the time, the product development and production of Quadranteco are based on the theme of environmental protection. Every member of Quadranteco has a strong sense of environmental protection mission, starting from everyone in Quadranteco, and doing everything possible to protect the environment. Second, we encourage the reduction of plastic waste generation and support the development and use of safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives to reduce hard-to-degrade plastic waste in the oceans. For example, renewable marine plastics. Our daily life can often see the PET bottle, PE bottle, PP bottle cap can be changed from ordinary plastic material to renewable marine plastic material. Our company has been to the concept of environmental protection as the forward direction, in addition to professional skin care products and cosmetics production line, but also has been committed to the development and production of environmental protection materials, not long ago, our company in this aspect of the packaging materials and raw materials have passed the relevant authority testing! We are very honored and happy to contribute more to the cause of environmental protection!

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What is the happy planet for mankind? When the earth is no longer destroyed, when the resources are no longer over-exploited, when the sea is no longer polluted, when people's awareness of environmental protection is increasing, we can have a healthy and happy planet. When the entire marine ecosystem is disrupted, marine life is dying in large numbers, and the ubiquitous plastic waste from the sea is eventually returned to humans through the food chain. While creating plastics for the benefit of our people, they also wreak havoc on our environment, killing marine life, and ultimately harming ourselves. Preventing plastic pollution and improving ocean health has become a matter of urgency! Get moving now for our happy planet!