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Fullerenes, your new skin care partner


In such sorching summer, no matter you have make up, no matter what kind of skin is qualitative, a lot of people can feel the skin feel oily very quickly, which did not have the relaxed feeling of spring and summer. This is because the hot summer sun makes the pores of the skin open. Coupled with air pollution, dust invasion, our pores are easily blocked by the dirt in the air. And, the time that stays in air conditioning room longer, air conditioning would make the skin becomes very dry, appear water oil imbalance thereby, this season appears very easily skin problem. Due to sun exposure, it is easy to cause skin injuries and stings. Freckles and stains will occur or become more obvious, which requires us to take better care of our skin. In recent years, the skin care project that contained fullerene is very popular in China, many people who love beauty would choose to do skin care in beauty parlor, to help them solve the problems of dark skin, spots, wrinkles and so on. Skin care products containing fullerenes are also more and more recognized and welcomed by more people. Today, we will share a skin care set rich in fullerenes with you to bring you a new skin care experience.


When it comes to fullerenes, many people just know about this component, but few people know much about it. First let's understand the function of fullerenes.According to the records, fullerenes are hollow molecules made entirely of carbon that dissolve and absorb free radicals in the skin, and its main functions are hydration, whitening and oxidation resistance. No matter you are congenital yellow skin or the late formation of dark and heavy skin color, only adhere to the correct use of skin care products containing fullerene for a period of time, can achieve the effect of brightening and whitening skin color. In addition, fullerene is with natural sun protection, can block the UVB in the ultraviolet light, interrupt the signal of melanin production, protect the skin from ultraviolet light damage, avoid skin red, tan. Fullerenes can also penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin and inhibit the decomposition of collagenase, so as to reduce the loss of collagen, make the skin elastic, and reduce the occurrence of fine lines and sags. As long as properly used, fullerene can also be a good skincare helper.


As for the skin care suit share with you today, it is to add fullerene in every product of the suit. This set contains moisturizing toner, brightening essence, moisturizing essence, day cream, night cream and eye cream. It would meet your full range of skin care needs. Although the ingredients of the toner are simple, it feels fresh and refreshing to use and has a good effect on skin care. After using the toner, drop 1-2 drops of brightening essence on the palm, rub both hands, pull up according to the skin texture and massage until absorbed, which can achieve the effect of vitality, beauty and brilliant and transparent. After using the essence, apply appropriate amount of moisturizing lotion on the face and neck until absorbed, which can moisturize the skin and keep it nourishing. In the aspect of face cream, we are very particular about, in order to be able to better absorb the effect of face cream, we specially make face cream subdivision for daily face cream and night face cream. We suggest that after using moisturizing lotion every morning, apply proper amount of daily cream evenly on the face and neck skin, which can make the base makeup more smooth. At night, after removing makeup and finish face cleansing, apply an appropriate amount of night cream on the fingertips, gently rub the cream with both hands to make it become light and thin emulsion, evenly smear it on the face and neck skin, so that the skin can achieve the best absorption effect at night. After using the night cream, apply an appropriate amount of the eye cream to the skin around the eyes, and then gently push it away, massage it from the outside to the inside until it is absorbed (massage is recommended for more than 1 minute), which can bring moisturizing care around the eyes, easily remove fatigue, and fade fine lines around the eyes.


In long-term exposure to sunlight, dirty air, computer radiation and bright makeup can cause skin to oxidize, producing harmful compounds called free radicals. Fullerenes can effectively dissolve free radicals and have a strong antioxidant capacity, which is known as the "time contrarian" in the skin care industry. Skin care starts with hydrating and anti-aging, and you can improve skin, fade spots, tighten pores and brighten complexion as long as you use it consistently. We are dedicated to create this new frozen age suit for you. We hope to bring you a different experience. Why not have a try! The beauty of makeup is only temporary, the natural beauty of skin is eternal. Let's be beautiful together!