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Soap Workshop

The soap workshop covers an area of about 450 square meters. The main tasks include ingredients compounding, mixing, grinding, soap striping, soap washing and final dehumidification. The main products include soap and handmade soap. The equipment used in soap workshop includes automatic packaging machine in packaging area, pleating machine, code spraying machine and automatic soap washing machine in soap washing area. Our production environment, safety and health, strictly control the quality management of each link, and meet the production standards certified by iso22716, GMPC, RSPO and green leaf.

Workshop staff structure
Soap Workshop
Production guidelines
Operating procedures
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    1Ingredients batching
    According to the type of soap, the exact requirements of dispensing, dispensing essence, pigment, water, glycerin and so on are required to be compounded.
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    2Ingredients stirring
    Mix the above ingredients in order to add the mixture into the mixing pot, then start the machine and stir for about 5 minutes to make the mixture of the soap and flavor evenly stirred.
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    Dispose the stirred soap into the grinder and move the mill, so that the soap is grinded into flakes, so as the second time grinding. The purpose is to make the essence and the pigment completely merge into the soap base.
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    4Soap cutting
    Put the milled soap particles into the stripper, press and heat the screw to make the soap particles into the desired shape.
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    5Soap pressing
    Press the soap bar into the mould shape in order to make the soap’s shape as required.
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    Push the stamping soap into the dehumidification room for dehumidification for 24 hours, evaporate the moisture and glycerin in the soap and then pack it.