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Cosmetics workshop

The cosmetics workshop covers an area of about 1000 square meters. The main operations include: package disinfection, ingredients, emulsification, static, micro inspection, filling, first article confirmation and final finished product inspection.

Our products include body wash, shampoo, lotion, conditioner and other general liquid and cream liquid. The semi-automatic equipment applied in the workshop includes the semi-automatic filling machine in the semi-automatic filling area, the dc638 full-automatic hose filling and sealing machine in the full-automatic filling area, the emulsion pan, the mixing pan, the ultra-pure water bucket and the self water bucket as well as the white and black inkjet printer in the outsourcing area. Our production environment, safety and health, strictly control the quality management of each section and meet the production standards certified by ISO22716, GMPC and green leaf.

Workshop staff structure
Cosmetics workshop
Production guidelines
Operating procedures
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    1Raw materials sterilization
    Disinfect the packaging materials with ozone and ultraviolet.
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    2Raw materials allocation
    The batcher shall make ingredients according to the corresponding product formula.
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    The raw materials are mixed, stirred and emulsified into liquid.
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    4Liquid resting
    Park the prepared raw materials in the static room, and wait for the results of the micro inspection for 48 hours.
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    5Micro inspection
    The micro inspector shall carry out microbiological test on the liquid and enter the next procedure providing that it is qualified.
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    Fill the qualified liquid into the sterilized container.
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    7First item confirmation
    Mass production can only be carried out given that the first piece is confirmed before filling.