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About Quadrant
Guangdong Quadrant Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Quadrant Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Quadrant Ecological Technology CO.,LTD.

Guangdong Quadrant Ecological Technology Company is a production-oriented supplier of bath and disinfection products for high-end hotel rooms, aviation and cosmetic stores. While technological innovation and internationalization are directed as our strategic orientation, we integrate our R&D, QC, production and sales service in order to provide our customers with cost-effectiveness and high-quality one-stop OEM service.

Guangdong Quadrant is people-oriented. Our production line is provided with advanced equipments, strong production technology, rendering a proficient guesture operated by an experienced management team. Ww pursue ongoing development, we constantly optimize the standardized production management system and keep improving product quality and safety performance, as a consequence we strive to become the leader of hotel amenities supplier in the industry. We follow the principle that employees are the foundation of business. Moral integrity is the soul of prosperity. Highly qualitied, dedicated and stable talent team is the basis of sustainable development. Sincerity is a solemn commitment to society and employees.

Professional Certification
  • imageGreen Leaf Certification
    Green Leaf Certification

    The certification serves to ensure the quality of products, reduce the market risk of enterprises and improve the public trust.

    It helps enterprises to reduce the international green trade barriers, further expand the international market, expand the customer base of enterprises, ensure the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises, highlight the efforts made by enterprises on the ecological environment of products, reflect the ecological nature of cosmetics raw materials to a certain extent from the product level, and eventually capture more consumers' favor.

  • imageRSPO(Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)Certificate
    RSPO(Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)Certificate

    Without third-party verification and certification by an independent accredited certification body, no public statement related to compliance with RSPO principles and standards can be made. In order to ensure the credibility of the sustainable statement at the end of the supply chain, all organizations that have legal ownership and actually handle RSPO certified sustainable oil palm products are required to obtain the supply chain certification so as to ensure transparency and credibility through RSPO supply chain certification.

  • imageCosmetic production license
    Cosmetic production license

    Any company that produces cosmetics can only be qualified to manufacture in the condition of obtaining a cosmetic production license. Enterprises without production licenses may not produce, sell or conduct other forms of trading activities on their own, and the offenders shall jointly issue the "Notice on the Implementation of the Regulations on Prohibition of Production and Sale of Unlicensed Products" jointly issued by seven units such as the former State Economic Commission. Meridian [1987] No. 180) and other relevant regulations.

  • imageGMPC & ISO 22716 certification
    GMPC & ISO 22716 certification

    Cosmetics sold in the US and EU markets must comply with the requirements of the US FDA (Federal Cosmetics Regulations) or the European Commission Cosmetics Regulations (EC 1223/2009) - Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics, GMPC (Guideline for Good Manufacture Practice of Cosmetic Products) ) to ensure that consumers use the healthy and safe cosmetics under normal conditions.

  • imageFSC Forest Certification
    FSC Forest Certification

    Acquiring FSC certification increases your brand's credibility providing that customers have confidence in the resource of FSC cetified product. It can also increase our corporate reputation and create new marketing opportunities. The FSC prohibits illegal logging, forest degradation and deforestation in certified areas. Otaining the certification can prove that we will make every effort to protect forest ecosystems and reduce the impact of climate change.