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Tube Workshop

The Tube workshop covers an area of approximately 1000 square meters. The main operations include pipe drawing, injection head, offset printing, silk screen printing, stamping box sealing and lock cover. The main product is PE tube. The application equipment in the workshop includes the semi-automatic injection head machine in the Injection ead room, the automatic tube drawing machine in the Tube drawing room, the precision full-automatic six-color offset press in the Offset room, the automatic silk screen machine in the Silk screen room and the full-automatic punching and locking cover capper in the Tube processing room. Our production environment is safe and healthy, we strictly control the quality management of all section in accordance with ISO22716, GMPC certification standards.

Workshop staff structure
Tube Workshop
Production guidelines
Operating procedures
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    1Pipe pulling
    The plastic raw materials are heated at high temperature, drawn, shaped, cooled and cut by a tube drawing machine.
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    2Head injection
    After the forming tube is reheated twice, the injection head machine mould is connected for head injection.
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    3Offset printing
    Conduct offset printing process for tube as required.
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    4Screen printing
    Once the tube is offset and oiled, the screen printing shall be carried out according to the requirements.
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    5Gilding and sealing
    While the tube has been offset printed and oiled, the stamping process should be carried out according to the requirements.
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    6Lock cover
    Providing that the printing process has been completed, the tube can be punched, sealed with film, locked with cover or sealed with tail in accordance with the requirements. After the QC inspection is qualified, the tube may begin the packaging operation.