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About Quadrant

Corporate Culture

Be proud of your virtue, and be square in your circle

  • The theory of ”Quadrant“ originated from Ancient China’s lattice window or copper coin, in English, we can interpret in a way like an iron hand in a velvet glove, which denotes a man with an easy-going personality should always have principles at heart. Ancient sages realized a lot of truth in this pattern.

  • As such, what we intent to deliver is an idea of doing business: While round is doing sentimental favors, Square is doing concrete matters. If the square grows bigger and become more standard, the area left for the round edge will naturally become smaller.




What is Quadrant?

  • A quadrant is one of four equal parts into which a circle or other shape has been divided.

  • From the enterprise management’s perspective, abscissa represents the rigid guideline by which production is ought to obey, while ordinate refers to the constant standard we should follow and the arc represents the resilient service provided to our customers during the process from order to delivery.

  • There are square, angles and arcs, merging into what we call “quadrant”. In brief, nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. Only by following the rules and performing everything in a proper way, can we draw a quadrant embodied with hardness and softness.