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Thanks to father's love


The famous Hong Kong writer Leung Fung-yi once said, "In times of fear, a father's love is a stone to step on; When in the dark, a father is a lamp lighting; When you feel dry, a father is a bay of water of life; When you work hard, a father's love is the spiritual pillar; When you are in success, a father's love is encouragement and alarm." Although many fathers are not good at expressing their love to their children, they will not always show their care like what mothers do, but they have been taking actions silently to pay their time, money and energy for their children, all of which is for the healthy growth of children. Today is Father's Day. On behalf of all the employees, Quadranteco wishes all the fathers: Happy Father's Day and with good health!


Father's Day, as the name suggests, is a day of gratitude to the father. The world's first Father's Day was born in the United States in 1910. In 1972, the United States President Nixon signed an official document, the third Sunday in June each year as the United States of America's Father's Day, and become a permanent memorial day in the United States. Now has been widely spreading around the world, and the date of the festival because of regional differences. The most popular date is the third Sunday in June each year. There are 52 countries and regions in the world celebrate Father's Day on this day. The holidays are celebrated in a variety of ways, most of which involve gift-giving, family dinners, or activities. For origin of father's day in China, dating back to the period of the republic of China, at that time many people in Shanghai celebrities and joint request the national government can also set a father's day in our country. The reason is that China's eight years of resistance, and ultimately get the final victory, for those who died during the eight years, countless men and this generation advance wave upon wave of brave spirit, are the father usually breeding and the result of the incentives at any time. Therefore, father had a great influence on the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. So, it is necessary to commemorate this holiday and give thanks for his father's teachings and influence. 


On Father's Day, we are thinking, we are expressing our love for our parents is incomparable. When the mother put up with all kinds of care of us, the father is also trying to play the role of God endowed with his weight, when we think about the gift to father, we suggest to choose suitable hair products for father. The average adult scalp has 150,000 hair follicles, and regular shampoos is unable to achieve the deep cleansing effect. Scalp horny metabolism is facial ministry skin 2 times, general shampoo cannot clean effectively, produce scurf easily. Here we recommend the SUBEN scalp nourishing essence for your gift choice. This scalp nourishing essence contains ginseng root extract, polygonum multiflorum extract, safflower extract and ginger root extract.  Since ancient times, ginseng has been known as the "King of hundreds of herbs", and is praised by eastern medicine as the best product of nourishing health, and strengthening the foundation". It is able to make the capillaries of the head dilate, can increase the nutrition of the hair, improve the toughness of the hair, reduce trichomadesis, break hair, have protective effect to the hair that damages; polygonum multiflorum is a good Chinese medicinal material for tonifying liver and kidney. It can tonify liver and kidney, benefit refined blood, strengthen muscles and bones, black hair and clear eyes. It is able to promote the blood circulation of the whole body, improve the nutrition of scalp, prevent alopecia, prevent the condition of early white hair, improve the bifurcation of the hair, make the hair dark and dense with luster; The medicinal value of safflower is high. It has a medicinal history of more than 1000 years and has certain effect on scalp repair. Ginger root has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial effects on the treatment of scalp problems has a good effect, to prevent hair loss.


When we were young, our parents are the harbor to avoid the wind and rain; When we grow up, we need to be the backbone of our parents. If one day, you find that the food cooked by your mother is too salty to taste; If one day, you find that your father can't stop coughing; If one day, you find that parents across the street reaction began to slow, these all show that parents are really old. When they lack room for growth and become more and more closed, it is time for their children to feed back. We have all been children, and every child has longed for a pair of hands to lift him up and swing him in his arms. At one time or another, every child longed for a body to protect them, to stand behind them when they were bullied and say: 'Don't be afraid! Father is here!' Yes, because of father, we are very secure and brave! Thanks to dear father to give us selfless love! We wish all the fathers a happy father's day, happy every day!