Factory Factory

R&D Center

The R & D department covers an area of about 300 square meters. Its main tasks include: to develop safe, effective, degradable, organic and natural cosmetics products as the main task, to closely follow the leading-edge technology of cosmetics, and to develop products more in line with market requirements. The workshop application equipment includes German IKA homogenizer, IKA agitator, German fluke homogenizer, Shanghai Boyun water bath pot, water tester of ohus instrument (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. Our production environment conforms to the hygienic standards and GMP requirements of cosmetics manufacturers, and our quality management has been awarded the ISO22716 and GMPC certification.

Workshop staff structure
R&D Center
Production guidelines
Operating procedures
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    1Market research
    Market dynamics collection from marketing department and information collection of new trends of cosmetics professional technology industry.
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    2Project approval
    Information analysis give rise to a feasibility report, and the company`s senior management decides whether to initiate research and development.
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    3Technical data collection
    Collect, analyze and summarize industry technology frontier reports and related patents, form technical routes and determine R & D direction.
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    4Collection and preparation of raw materials
    Collect relevant raw materials and prepare the required raw materials.
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    5Experimental procedure
    Through the experiment, prepare the qualified products.
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    6Trial investigation
    Ensure that products meet the requirements of project approval through trial.
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    7Technical summary
    Technical analysis, technical advantages of products, application for related patents, and formation of production specifications.