Factory Factory

Quality Control Center

The quality control department covers an area of about 150 square meters, and its main work includes:

1. Incoming inspection, process inspection and finished product inspection

2. Microbiological and physical and chemical inspection of finished and semi-finished products (including chemical raw materials, contact surfaces, human hands, packaging materials and water)

3. Preparation of product operation instructions, key process operation instructions, inspection key and other guidance documents

4. Handling of workshop abnormalities and customer complaints

5. Quality analysis

The test equipment includes packaging material testing instrument (seal tester, push pull meter, torsion meter, vernier caliper, micrometer), content testing instrument (viscometer, conductivity meter, pH acidity meter, magnetic stirrer, super constant temperature water bath pot, digital display constant temperature water bath pot, electric heating blast drying box, low-speed centrifuge, constant temperature and humidity box, disinfection cabinet, electronic balance, electronic analysis day Flat, fridge, super clean workbench, vertical pressure steam sterilizer, biochemical incubator, mold incubator, Abbe refractometer, foam meter and other equipment.

We strictly control the quality management of incoming materials, semi-finished products, finished products and all links in the production process, and meet the certification standards and customer requirements of GMPC, ISO 22716, RSPO, FFC.

Workshop staff structure
Quality Control Center
Production guidelines
Operating procedures
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    1Incoming extraction
    According to the information and quantity on the incoming material list, register and select the required quantity of incoming materials to be confirmed as per AQL sampling standard.
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    2Incoming inspection
    Confirm the appearance, size and function of the incoming materials against the samples, fabric sheets, design drafts, purchase orders, etc.
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    3Inspection and Judgement
    Record the inspection results in the IQC daily report statistics form, mark the boxes accordingly, issue the IQC inspection form in case of inconformity, submit it to the supervisor for handling, and track the handling results.
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    4First item confirmation
    Confirm the appearance, size and smell of the package materials and contents of the products against the samples, cloth production sheets and design drafts, then sign on the first article confirmation form if they are qualified.
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    5Process inspection
    Confirm the quality status of the products in the production process, record the confirmation results on the IPQC checklist, record the workshop abnormality report in case of any problem, feedback to the workshop supervisor and quality supervisor, and track the processing results.
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    6Final inspection
    Confirm whether the physical objects in the box are consistent with the distribution sheet and the marks of the outer and inner boxes, and sign on the warehousing sheet if they are qualified.