Factory Factory

Packaging Workshop

The packaging workshop covers an area of about 500 square meters. The production process includes product printing, product packaging and product inspection. Our products include dental appliances, shavings, bath salts, washing powder, nursing sets, sewing boxes, nursing supplies, bathroom supplies, bedroom supplies, nail files, combs, etc. The equipment in the workshop includes sealing machine, inkjet printer, middle sealing machine, etc. Our production environment is safet and healthy, we strictly control the quality management of each section, in line with FSC certified production standards.

Workshop staff structure
Packaging Workshop
Production guidelines
Operating procedures
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    1First item confirmation
    Prior to the production, there must be a first article confirmation form confirmed and signed by the quality inspection team leader.
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    Patrol the production of employees and make corresponding records.
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    Quality control personnel conducts production patrol inspection and carefully guide employees to master correct operation methods.
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    4Product allocation
    Employees arrange materials for production according to the team leader.
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    5 Production site
    At the production site, the staff are working intensively.