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Practicing corporate social responsibility is the power source of an enterprise's continuous innovation1574213481106043.jpg

Enterprise is a member of our society. From the beginning of company construction to the production and operation, they are inseparable from the social environment and constantly engage in the commercial activities in the society. Thus every company is intangibly bound up with corporate social responsibility.

The sense of social responsibility can not be neglected by every enterprise. It permeates every single department of the enterprise, which means the commitment and responsibility to the society. It is the most direct embodiment in the corporate culture. It is the soft power of the enterprise development, and it also promotes the development of the enterprise. In this regard, Guangdong Quadrant Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong University of Technology jointly launched the soap and toothbrush recycling project, committed to creating renewable resources, recycling and reducing the burden on the environment.

Soap Recycling Porject
Toothbrush Recycling Project  

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