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Happy Children's Day


The annual International Children's Day is coming! We were all children once, and the joy of Children's Day is an unforgettable childhood memory. When we were young, every time Children's Day was approaching, we would happily discuss what snacks to bring with us to share with our friends during the celebration, or rehearse some wonderful programs together to celebrate the Children's Day. Speaking of Children's Day, let's first understand its origin. In order to commemorate the Lidice massacre on June 10, 1942 and all the children who died in war around the world, we oppose the killing and poisoning of children and protect the rights of children. In November 1949, the International Democratic Women's Federation held a council meeting in Moscow, China and other countries angrily exposed the imperialists and reactionaries of all countries to kill, poison the crimes of children. The meeting decided to take June 1 each year as the International Children's Day. It is in order to protect the world's children's right to survival, health care and the right to education, the right to nurture, in order to improve the lives of children, in order to oppose the killing and poisoning of children and the establishment of the festival. Many countries in the world will be June 1 as children's day. After the founding of New China, the Central People's Government Administration Council joint the Chinese Children's Day and the International Children's Day on December 23, 1949, together.


Children are the future of a country and the hope of a nation. To create a good family, social and learning environment for all children so that they can grow up healthily and happily has always been the goal of all countries in the world. Although the time of Children's Day is different in every country, they all have the same happiness. Ddifferent countries have different forms to celebrate this meaningful holiday. In Japan, the children will put on the best traditional kimono, but also on the back of a small paper bag, the paper bag is full of candy and toys bought by their parents, after dressing up, parents will take the children to the shrine, pray and thank the gods to bring health and happiness to the children. In South Korea, Children's Day is a day for children to enjoy themselves and receive gifts which are carefully prepared by their parents. At the same time, they will wear Hanbok clothes and experience traditional Korean culture. In Colombia, on Children's Day, the country's schools will be held a variety of lively celebrations, the children wear a variety of masks, dressed as clowns in the streets to play, they are very happy. In Sweden, Children's Day is divided into boys' day and girls' day, the boys will dress up like a dragon shrimp, performing some very lively and lovely programs; and girls would dress up as goddesses and do good things for other children. 


Compared with the children in the above countries, the Iraqi children are much poorer. When children in many countries celebrate Children's Day, most Iraqi children do not know that there is a festival of their own in the world. As always, they attend school, work in workshops, or beg on the streets. Wish that one day children in Iraqi may enjoy the Children's Day as children in other countries.


In our country, every to Jun. 1, the activities of all kinds of forms are organized throughout the country to celebrate the festival of young children, the party and the government are very concerned about the healthy growth of young children, the life and study for them created a good environment, the children of new China grow strong and strong below the sun of the party. On June 1, children under the age of 14 can have one day off. On the eve of Children's Day, many schools, educational institutions and shopping malls will hold Children's Day celebrations, so that children can enjoy themselves in this festival. Quadranteco here wishes all our lovely children a happy holiday, healthy and safe!


When we were young, we explored our steps without fear. After we grow up, every step forward, have the courage! The most afraid is not the increase of age, but the loss of observation of the world of childlike interest. We were used to be lovely children, we have ideal youth, wish we in this noisy and impetuous society can always maintain the original mind, do ourselves, do our own. No matter how old, long live childlike innocence!