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New hand gel for your bright summer


Summer in this year comes earlier than last year, many people feel that the May Day holiday just passed, the hot summer is coming in a hurry. Hot and insolate summer not only easy to make people sweat, but also have a certain impact on the skin. In the hot summer, air conditioning has become one of the standard need, whether at home, company, or other indoor public places, the air conditioning can be felt everywhere and makes us feel cool and comfortable. But, after a long stay in an air-conditioned room, do you find that your hand skin is prone to dry and even a lot of barbs? This is what water loss looks like. For a long time in cold air conditions, facial moisture and hand moisture is particularly important. Hands are our second face, so keep them smooth and hydrated is also an important skincare routine. Today, Quadranteco would like to share with you a product suitable for summer hand care -- hand protection gel.


When it comes to hand care products, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Hand cream is the first thing that comes to mind for many people. Sure, hand cream is a very useful hand care product, but, do you know?  In different seasons it is better select different kinds of hand cream. Autumn and winter is so dry and moisturizing hand cream is the most suitable choice, it can bring full moisture to the hands, carry or indoor use is very suitable, can be used every day; In spring and summer, hand gel is more suitable for use, especially in hot and sticky summer, the hands are easy to sweat at room temperature, and also the hands are easy to cause water loss under cold air condition. The use of hand gel can not only keep the hands fresh, but also give the hands a full sense of moisture. There are various kinds of hand protective gels in the market for our selection, but more choices is not equal to better choice. We should choose the products suitable for ourselves so as to have the best use experience and effect.


The peach blossom hand protection gel we would like to share with you today is a new product developed jointly by our R&D department and Guangzhou laboratory, which is suitable for spring and summer use. Peach blossom not only has a very good ornamental value, which contains a better beauty naphthol skin care effect. The nutrients in peach blossom can dilate blood vessels, dredge veins, moisturize skin, improve blood circulation, promote skin metabolism, its nutrients are easy to be absorbed by the skin, and are very effective in preventing and curing dry skin, rough skin and wrinkles. The launch of this product not only brings more new choices to the peach blossom product market, but also brings a new hand care experience to more consumers. Fresh experience coupled with fresh packaging design, in the bright spring and summer sunshine appears particularly energetic. Every time you pick up this hand gel, you will feel very pleasing to the eye.


Different from the sticky feeling of hand moisturizer, the hand gel has a thin texture, fresh and non-sticky, and is rich in moisturizing factors, providing sufficient moisture for skin and long-lasting moisturizing. Add seaweed skin activating essence, deeply replenish nutrition and moisture, rejuvenate skin, make hand skin full of elasticity and take on a new look.The biggest characteristic of gel is its super permeability to the skin. Gels usually reach deep into the skin to help it capture oxygen and hold moisture, which is perfect for summer use. This product has a fresh fragrance and is very convenient to use. Gently unscrew the lid and you can smell a fresh natural flower fragrance. After washing your hands, apply appropriate amount evenly on the back of your hands and nails, please remember the nail surface. Insist on using every day will make the delicate jade hand water filling, smooth and delicate.


The formula and packaging materials of this product have followed our principle of environmental protection all the time. The degradable formula and plastic tube made of environmental protection materials enable each hand gel to be discarded after use is without affecting the environmental protection. We care about your hand care and environmental protection. We are not only committed to the development of new products, we pay attention to quality and pay attention to environmental protection. We hope this energetic and refreshing hand gel can bring you a moist and cool summer!