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The misadventures of the cosmetics industry


"There's a mole, end the deal!"

-- From The Hong Kong gangster film Infernal Affairs

A classic line

Now it's reality all around us.

01 "Normal State" of Intellectual Property Infringement

In recent years,

Movies and TV series during and before the broadcast

The source of the film will be leaked in the network spread events


Even other countries that place particular emphasis on intellectual property

Similar infringement incidents also happen from time to time

Christmas Eve 2016

Well-known piracy organization "Hive-CM8" announced a comeback

And through the Internet to share many Hollywood blockbusters in advance

Including La La Land and Hidden Figures

The group also released "Steve Jobs" and other titles

Hd pirated resources for several popular movies


And movies and TV dramas are leaked ahead of time

It's like a company/brand has had its core data leaked

The rights and interests have been greatly violated

In the early stage, huge manpower and material resources were spent on research and production

Later period should bear economic loss alone however

This has brought huge obstacles to the development of major enterprises/brands!


02 Protecting intellectual property rights is protecting innovation


Exclusive rights as the product of human intellectual labor

To introduce achievements including technological innovation into economic life

With the sustained and steady development of China's economy,

Copyrights, patents and trademarks proliferated

Some people say that domestic technological innovation

It's been followed by running

Turn your head and run and lead in some areas

But here we are

What about cosmetics, where competition is particularly fierce?


Deputy Director of Intellectual Property Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Li Shunde, a researcher at the Law Institute, analyzed:

"The reason why similar torts are inadmissible

It is not because our intellectual property laws and regulations are not perfect,

It is mainly

The protection of intellectual property rights at the law enforcement level is weak."

Does that make you more anxious?


Choose Yuanfang · Choose professional OEM service

And product appearance as a platitude property rights topic

Because it's in the production process

Influenced by materials, workmanship, printing and many other factors

OEM professional is one of the tools

First of all, the appearance design of the product should be combed and highlighted.

Product efficacy precise wording and strictly in accordance with national regulations,

Avoid forbidden words, false content and propaganda content that produces consumer ambiguity;

For effective skin care products (with whitening and anti-aging effects),

Must hold the national makeup special certificate to market promotion.

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Packaging and printing

A decorative pattern, pattern, or text printed on a package

To make the product more attractive or illustrative.

This period should also be brand customer demand

The common design and printing process will be slightly expanded to share:

1, hot stamping

The scientific name is hot press transfer printing, referred to as thermal pad printing, commonly known as bronzing, hot silver.

Heat the metal plate. The foil. Embossed gold words or designs on printed matter,

With the rapid development of hot stamping foil and packaging industry, the application of anodized aluminum bronzing is more and more widely.


2, UV

UV is ultraviolet, UV is short, "UV transparent oil" is the full name

Rely on ultraviolet radiation to dry curing ink.

UV ink are offset printing, silk screen, inkjet, pad printing, and other fields, the traditional printing industry is refers to the UV printing quality effect craft, is what you want on a printed pattern overlying a layer of light oil (light, matte, crystal Mosaic, etc.), the main effect is to increase product brightness and art, surface protection products, its high hardness and corrosion resistance of friction, not easy to scratch, etc., Some laminating products are now changed to UV, can meet the requirements of environmental protection, but UV products are not easy to bond, some can only be solved by local UV or grinding.


3, hit convex, embossing

Scientific name for imprint, by pressure to make the printing object to produce local changes to form a pattern of the process, it uses a concave and convex mold, under a certain pressure, so that the printed material plastic deformation. In order to print the surface of artistic processing. Divided into cheap common etching version and expensive laser engraving version of two.






5, monochrome printing

Monochrome printing refers to the use of a plate printing, it can be black plate printing, color plate printing, or spot color printing. Spot color printing refers to a special color required in a special modulation design as the base color, through a printing plate. Monochrome printing is more widely used, and will also produce rich tone, to achieve satisfactory results.


6 and labeling

That is, the printed paper presses a layer of transparent plastic film, crystal film, light film and matt film, presenting different texture.


7, flocking

That is, on the paper, brush a layer of glue, and then stick a layer of similar fluffy material, so that the paper looks and feels a little flannelette feeling.


8, die-cutting

Die-cutting is a kind of cutting process of printing post processing, die-cutting process can make printed matter or other paper products in accordance with the design of the graphics to produce die-cutting knife version for cutting, so that the shape of printing matter is no longer limited to straight edge right Angle.