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Well ~let us to follow the topic!

This few years

You might will notice a strange phenomenon:

Everything could be "iced"

From a variety of flavors to a variety of shapes

"Cultural creation ice cream" was given

Vivid creativity and cultural connotation

At the same time to differentiate the high appearance level

Become the hands of consumers "top flow" punch card props

Note: The picture below is
[Shantou Small Park]
cultural innovation ice cream


Product experience > Product beautiful

The original logic

Or in the age of social media

Be 'baptized'

The product is beyond the satisfaction of enjoyment

It's also used for "social communication."

Remember the time you spent with your friends

Is there another one

Hunched up and tied his horse

What about friends who turn on "Camera First" moment?

化妆品类 万花丛生

The love of beauty is universal

Belonging to FMCG

The cosmetics industry is becoming increasingly competitive

According to the data: cosmetics

The total retail sales from January to December 2021 were 402.6 billion yuan

Year-on-year growth of 14.0%

And it's particularly special

Long before the appearance level economy

The track is already 'rolled in'.

Innovative appearance level design

Thoughtful thoughtful packaging material

According to the 2017 Insight Report on household Consumption Trend of the post-90s generation

Up to 94.93% of the post-90s generation

Pay attention to style when buying home products

And the battle lines are still escalating.

From the daily struggle between the old and the new

To the penetration of cross-border beauty makeup

(The taste of childhood becomes to  lip balm)

Products are different from works of art

The more beautiful the better

Excellent product design

Should be the "face" of the brand.

If you want to get a high score in product appearance, you need to pay attention to the following!

1. In line with the brand's own tonality:

Every successful brand

Have a unique tonality, but also the corresponding logo

In product appearance level design, "brand personality" needs to be reflected first.

For example, HI DI LAO hot pot , a well-known restaurant brand

2. Strong association with target consumers:

Every piece of successful explosive

The product design will include relevant elements covering the target consumer group

Take the avengers Coca-Cola, a co-branded drink

3. Cooperate with reliable manufacturers:

Product appearance level is just the starting point

Brand quality is the end