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Cheer for Olympic Games, cheer for our trying hard


Affected by the Covid-19, the 32nd Tokyo Olympic Games finally kicked off on March 23. The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is the most hotly discussed event in recent days. The opening ceremony of each Olympic Games is a part of the Olympic Games that attracts worldwide attention. Due to the impact of the epidemic, Japan's economy has been hit hard, and the epidemic has presented a different cultural mood from the past. This year's opening ceremony is with some sad, even some "thriller" felt, many people had different degrees of opinion and even ridicule after watching. The opening ceremony was deeply tragic and sad, bringing us a new sense of pain brought by the pandemic to the world. All the lights in the huge stadium were extinguished, creating a moment of silence for the victims of COVID-19. Through these sad moment, let us know we should more cherish the present happy life.


No matter at home or abroad, many people would think of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games opening ceremony in 2008, which is a a magnificent, wonderful, with Chinese cultural characteristics pening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. The creators of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games have fully considered the cultural differences of the world and exported the ancient Chinese culture to the world in a unique way. That one famous scene, let everyone always talk about, it is an incomparable visual and auditory feast. Do you remember those 29 fireworks that made up the footprints? These 29 fireworks footprints symbolize the 29th Olympic Games, 29 steps, for which China has gone through a difficult 100 years of trek. When the last footprint bloomed above the Bird's Nest, the stars converged into five glittering rings. Nearly 100,000 people sang the National anthem of the People's Republic of China as the national flag was hoisted over the Bird's Nest. Do you remember the word 'and'? Chinese movable-type printing was a great technological revolution in the history of printing. We present different versions of the word 'and' to the world in order to show our Chinese spirit of valuing peace. Do you Remember Li Ning's flying ignition? That's scene to impress the world's brilliant, Li Ning took the final of the Olympic flame, wire rope pulling his body, along the wall over the Bird's Nest lit a fire, lit the main torch flame along the flash, the whole atmosphere of the opening ceremony to the highest level, at that moment, all people were boiling and can't hold their wonder at the ignition ceremony. At that moment we were proud. Proud of our country, proud of ourselves!



On the first day of this year's Olympic Games, the Chinese delegation won three gold MEDALS, On that day, we were leading the pack! Yang Qian, a young girl in 21 years old, won the first gold medal of the Games with a last-shot comeback in the women's 10m rifle final. Hou Zhihui easily won her second gold medal in the women's 49kg weightlifting category. Sun Yiwen won her third gold medal in the women's individual epee by a thrilling margin. Women were not worse than men. China team, well done! Here, Quadranteco sincerely wish our national team athletes in the Olympic Games can achieve good results!




When we cheer for the athletes and pride at the same time, but also deeply understand their daily training and competition are not so easy. We see the greatness of the Olympic spirit from every athlete who works hard. We respect every athlete who works hard. No matter whether he wins a good place. As long as he makes efforts, he is worthy of our respect. In his 1936 Olympics speech, Pierre de Coubertin said: 'What matters in the Olympic Games is not the victory but the taking part; The essence of life is not to take, but to struggle.' This principle has been widely accepted by athletes of all countries and the masses. For Quadranteco, this spirit is also a good ideological influence. Regardless of the economic environment before and after the epidemic, we always adhere to the concept of quality first and environmental protection first, conscientiously do a good job in each product, adhere to the use of biodegradable formula and biodegradable packaging materials. Our profit never to destroy the environment and cut corners as the premise, we will always insist to do it, because, the market needs such a team, we welcome more environmental protection team to join the environmental protection work, to provide consumers with quality products, for the cause of environmental protection to make a contribution!